Sunday, June 29, 2008

Redneck Water Park

It is so HOT!! I can not stand it! So this weekend, while cleaning the patio (upstairs and downstairs) Sofia decided to have a little water fun! As the water was pouring down from the upstairs patio, she was getting soaked below on her water slide! A total Redneck Water Park of our very own!!!

Random Pics taken by Sofia

Lately, Sofia has really been asking to take a lot of pictures with my camera. So below you can see several shots from this weekend, taken by Sofia.

Friday, June 27, 2008


These are the pictures I took today of the brush fire burning on the other side of the mountain. I took these from my bedroom patio. The fire has been burning since Tuesday. The ash is falling all around. It was all over my patio furniture.

Circus Time

Sofia and I went to the Circus this week. She really liked it. But she was so tired she was ready to leave at intermission! Lot's of horses and elephants in the act which she really liked a lot! I of course forgot to charge my camera battery so was unable to take very many pictures.

2 tickets to circus: $96

1 whirling light up thing: $22

1 cotton candy: $12

Soft Pretzel and Diet Coke: $8.75

Spending a fun night with my daughter: PRICELESS

My silly girl

Sofia being Silly Sofia!

Red Clogs

This is my Sofia just be the shoe lover that she is! She found these red clogs in my closet and loved them. She wore them around the house with her jammies on most of the night.

Sofia's updated bedroom

So a few weeks ago I mentioned all the great finds I had come across for Sofia's room "re-do". Below are some pics of her updated bedroom.

Track & Field or Equestrian?

So the other night Sofia and Rome decided a better use for her jump rope would be as a hurdle. So they tied it to the banister and then Rome held the other end as she raced back and forth jumping over the hurdle. Well, it didn't take long for her to turn into a rider and horse jumping over fences. She must have done this for 5-10 minutes, before declaring she needed to take a break. Luckily no injuries or falls!

Meet Buttons

So since we came back from Alabama, Sofia has wanted a puppy. Well, Sofia has always wanted a "little doggy", as she says. So I have been looking and came across the super cute Buttons. He is a pure bred miniature schnauzer. Sofia named him and first she called him Sparkle which was a little questionable for a boy and then she switched to Buttons. He is 12 weeks old and so far has been a great little boy. No accidents, no crying, slept all night long in the laundry room and today cam to work with me! No accidents here either! Sofia is very happy!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Thrift Store and Yard Sale Finds

So those of you who know me, know that I love thrift stores and yard sales. Not so much for the clothes really but the other "stuff". So I though I would share some of my most recent treasures. I went to my local Goodwill on Friday and this is what I found:
  • small wooden desk that I have turned into a sort of desk/vanity for Sofia's room, $9
  • wooden chair in a coordinating stain to go with the desk, $4
  • fabric remnant in a bright pink and green circle pattern to recover the chair cushion, .99
  • wooden pink purse with bling to put on her desk to hold her jewelry, 1.99
  • glass jar to put seashells from our trip to the beach (for my bathroom), .99
  • NWT Ann Taylor jeans for me, $7.99
  • 7 bottle wine rack to use for a magazine holder in my bathroom, .99

On Saturday, on my way to the grocery store, I stopped at a yard sale and this is what I found:

  • bar-style long wooden table with 2 matching stools to use in my laundry room for my scrapbooking table, cream color metal legs distressed to look like wood and a rich maple top in a medium dark stain, $25
  • Puppet Theatre for Sofia, $15
  • 3 door counter top white storage bin for onions, etc, the front of each slanted bin that opens is covered in a small, grid-like wire. I am using it in my French Country bathroom upstairs to hold wash cloths, soaps, etc., $5

On Sunday, I went to Savers (a large chain of thrift stores in AZ), and this is what I found:

  • Multi-color polka dot bed skirt for Sofia's room, $2.49
  • Pink ruffle pillow sham for Sofia's room, $1.49
  • Pink wooden candle-stick type lamp for Sofia's room (matches the one she has now), $2.99
  • Blue and white striped wooden book holder that says, "Once upon a time" on the sides, for Sofia's room, $7.99
  • Pink Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair cover that I will have the name removed from and have Sofia's name added to is, $2.50
  • Round chenille pillow for Sofia's bed, $1.99
  • Large oil painting with a window and a pink dress on a hanger that is now hanging in my closet, $2.49
  • glass hen for my kitchen, 1.99
  • 6 Tervis Tumblers (4 with hot air balloons 16oz and 2 with sunflowers 12oz), .99 each
  • 6 books for me, $2.99 each

So overall a very productive weekend at the local shops!! I rearranged Sofia's bedroom on Friday night trying to make a little more "done" so these finds really helped. I am on a search for curtains for her bedroom now.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

At the Beach

Gulf Shores, AL

We decided to take a road trip to visit my brother, Shannon at his place in Gulf Shores and to take the girls to the beach, so my mom, sister, Mallory, Sofia and myself packed up and headed to the beach. We all had a great time even though we were only there a short time. We used nets to catch fish and crabs, walked and looked for treasures and just had a great time! I will post more pictures later!