Monday, October 4, 2010

Still my baby


She’s almost 7, but still my baby.

  • blanky – check
  • thumb – check
  • baby doll  check

makes me happy!

It’s a Hard Knock Life

This past weekend was Sofia’s first performance on the Musical Theatre Team.  They performed their new Hard Knock Life routine from Annie.  They did an awesome job!  They had only had about 6 hours of practice.  They performed at a big re-opening celebration for the performing arts center.  I was so proud!

I created her costume from bargains at the Goodwill of course!  Blue dress - .99, brown dress (it was white I used RIT dye) 3.99, used mary jane shoes - $10.50.


Her sad Orphan face!

63870_438394273079_507813079_5034540_6617364_n 33765_438393798079_507813079_5034532_5723969_n

Sofia and Jazzy (Annie)

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Time for Cheer!

This fall Sofia is cheering for a football team for the first time!  It is a great league of boys about 10-12 years old and there are 6 cheerleaders.  Sofia especially like the fact that Jazzy her dance friend is cheering as well.  She has about 4 hours of practice each week and games are on Saturday. If only Saturdays had not still been 100+ degrees outside – it really drains the cheerleaders pretty quick.  Sofia and I practice new cheers each weekend after we look them up on YouTube.  I am sort of like the “assistant cheer coach”.  I must admit I LOVE it – but boy those girls wear me out!

GO Destroyers!

cheer September 098 cheer September 097  cheer September 348cheer September 099 cheer September 100 cheer September 101 cheer September 103     cheer September 128 cheer September 152 cheer September 164 cheer September 173 cheer September 247 cheer September 254 cheer September 259 cheer September 260 cheer September 261  cheer September 271 cheer September 273 cheer September 287 cheer September 306 cheer September 341cheer September 339cheer September 326

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My favorite dinner date

is Sofia!  A fun night at Ruslter’s Rooste steak house in Phoenix!

 August 050 August 051August 075 August 052 August 055

gone are the cheap kids meals – this girl LOVES steak!  Lucky for me, kids eat free at Rustler’s!

August 056 August 057

Everybody gets cotton candy for dessert!

August 058 August 062 August 064 August 065

Downtown Phoenix

August 068  August 071

August – back to school and more!

How is it possible my baby is in First Grade?  We are very excited about Sofia’s teacher and looking forward to a much better experience than last year.  Sofia was very happy to find out some of her great friends were going to be in her class this year.  We did a little back to school shopping, ordered a new backpack and she was ready to go!

Summer 021 Summer 023 Summer 010 Summer 012 Summer 014 Summer 015 Summer 016 Summer 017 Summer 018 Summer 019

In addition to starting school, August also kicked off the new dance year.  Sofia participated in 2 weeks of intense boot camp and then had try-outs for the Musical Theatre Company.

Try-outs day!  Lucky #43

August 105  August 079  August 082 August 080

All dressed up in her new dance outfit for the first day of boot camp!

39200_418717483079_507813079_4603366_273682_n  39829_418717543079_507813079_4603370_1598721_n 39829_418717548079_507813079_4603371_7965312_n 39829_418717553079_507813079_4603372_99365_n 40945_418717583079_507813079_4603374_3230377_n40705_418717498079_507813079_4603367_7271751_n 40705_418717503079_507813079_4603368_907403_n 40945_418717578079_507813079_4603373_4972266_n  40705_418717508079_507813079_4603369_7670199_n