Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Random updates and San Francisco

Y'all so much is going on over here! I just need some stuff to finalize so I can start making plans!

Here's the big scoop - Me, Honey and Sofia are leaving AZ behind and headed to Austin at the end of the month! We are renting for 6 months while our beautiful home is being built! We are so excited (and stressed). The house will sit on 2 acres in Dripping Springs.

Sneak peak - this was the starting point that we have tweaked several times to meet our needs.

Pictures from House Model

But the end result will also look and feel more like this:
 Whit's stacked stone fantasy.

Texas farmhouse chic!

So in the meantime, I've talked with my job about working remote - and it just might happen. If it doesn't, I've lined up another job for the same company I work for that is remote based! Woo Hoo!!

I really didn't expect that to happen since last year when I brought the subject up, I was told "no."

So while that is all exciting, I've also applied for positions outside of the company I work for and have had 2 really good interviews (and a 3rd this week) with one company that I would love to work for! I just can't believe all of this is happening!

So stay tuned for all those details! Crazy stuff! My last day sitting in my office in AZ will be 05/30. We will be all picked up and ready for movers some time this week.

Here is where things get even more crazy.

Leave AZ on 05/31, drive to Austin, meet my (ex) in-laws for a visit with Sofia on 06/02. June 3 fly with Honey to San Francisco for a work/fun trip. We'll spend Tuesday - Thursday in the city and then on Friday we are driving to Yosemite for the weekend. Then back to Austin on the 8th to meet the movers at the rental on 06/09. WHEW!!

So in an effort to deal with the stress, I turned to retail therapy. I picked up a few new items for the SF trip. (click on images for source)

Nordstrom never disappoints. Online shopping is my friend.





This last dress came from BelleChic Boutique but it doesn't appear to be available any longer.


Huge thanks to Caycee at Hanging with the Hewitts for inspiring my Nordstrom dress shopping!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend recap and iPhone dump

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that you all celebrated the moms in your life!

Friday night Honey and I went to see Kathy Griffin perform. She was her normal raunchy self but after a while, celebrity gossip humor gets old. But we got dressed up and so that is always fun!

I'm so over grainy iPhone pics!

Saturday morning we had soccer as  usual and I took a few pictures of Sofia before her game since our coach scheduled the official portraits during out game time. Ugh.

 The rest of the weekend was spent packing! That's right, we are moving in 19 days!!!! WHAT?!?!

It'll be goodbye Phoenix and HELLLLLOOOO Austin!!

More random pictures from my phone.

My happy girl at riding lessons yesterday.

Trotting with Rebel!

 Sofia's soccer fans!

Leaving the salon after cutting off 3 inches of dry hair! Maybe some Texas humidity will help!

At the dentist. Have I mentioned I DO NOT like the dentist? I gotta go back this week. 

Our future home!!! Dripping Springs, TX!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Recap - Havasu Falls

Happy Monday - I'm exhausted. Everything below my neck hurts a little! This weekend we hiked to the beautiful Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon, AZ.

The Supai Indians live in the bottom of the Canyon and allow crazy backpackers like myself to hike down across their land and camp out near the falls. You guys- SO, SO beautiful!


I told you!

We left Phoenix around 2pm on Friday afternoon and traveled about 250 miles into the middle of nowhere to camp for a Saturday morning departure.

This was our view for dinner:

We actually camped out in the back of the SUV - air mattress and all!

Our view when we woke up on Saturday morning! LOL

We hit the trail with our HEAVY backpacks (25-30 lbs) and made our way 10 miles down into the canyon to reach the falls. We set up our tent and then enjoyed the beautiful water. We napped. Took pictures and just relaxed. It is so crazy to think about this beautiful oasis being in the middle of the desert. I highly recommend a visit if you find yourself in AZ. Hey - you can even helicopter in or ride a mule! If you want to be all fancy like that! :)

For now, picture overload: