Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sofia's 1st Fishing Trip

We took Sofia fishing for the first time at our family pond! She was in charge of reeling them in! It was very successful. However, she would not touch the worms or the fish really. All in all she "caught" 20 or so fish! It was really nice just doing simple things this vacation with Sofia. Things that I remembered so well from my childhood too!

Sofia's 1st Boat Ride on Flint Creek, AL

Sofia got to go for a boat ride for the 1st time on Flint Creek. Growing up, we lived all around this creek (never in it!). We rode horses, four wheelers and hiked for miles. To this day my brother still duck hunts this area. Sofia had a great time with Mimi, Papa and myself! Lots of gar, snakes and nothing much else!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Pool Fun

Sofia, Mallory, Uncle Ashley and Vanessa enjoying a chilly swim at Mimi's house!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sofia's Cha Cha Slide

Sofia has been singing this song the past 2 weeks and I asked her where she heard it and she said they had been practicing it at school! So I downloaded the song and as soon as she heard it she danced to the whole thing!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day contd.

So here are the rest of the bowling and Mother's Day pics.

Happy Mother's Day

So today was a nice Mother's Day. I received flowers yesterday and went to the mall (by myself) and we cooked out. Today we went bowling -- not for Mother's Day -- bowling was the activity Sofia chose for having a good week at school and earning enough stickers on her chart for good behavior. So I have included some pics from our bowling (they are not very good I used my cell phone for the pics) and a picture of my gifts Sofia gave me. At school she made a mold of her hand and painted it yellow and then a card made from tracing her hand. I called my mom today and I can't wait to see her in 2 weeks!

Friday, May 9, 2008

and now some of the things I do not like...

It only seemed fair to follow up yesterday's post with some of the things (as a true Southerner) I don't like:

  • Pierced ears on infants or any child under an age at which time they could fully comprehend what is involved and the pain or the ability to upkeep the wound.

  • Dressing our children like "adults". Such as: little girls in hip huggers, thong underwear, platform shoes or smaller versions of "trendy" fashions

  • Character clothing (Barney,Disney, etc.)

  • Not saying thank you and you're welcome to anyone who helps you with something (think saying please and thank you at the McDonald's)

  • Having neighbors who do not speak to each other. How can you live in a neighborhood for 7 years and only know one family? (that would never happen in the South)

  • Not having sweet tea (again, not my personal drink of choice but you know everyone wants sweet tea, so why not make it with the sugar?)

  • Infant jewelry (think gold name id bracelet). When is jewelry ok? In the portrait for which you will later be using to have a painting created of your child. What jewelry is ok? Family pearls.

  • "Rat tail" hair styles on little boys. Despite what you may think, this is not a southern thing (but maybe a south of the border thing).

  • Babies/toddlers in public with only a diaper on. How about you as the parent just show up everywhere in your underwear? I don't think so. What can make this worse? Bare feet and the child with a bottle of tea or soda or juice or something.

I am sure there are more but that is enough for today! Take care!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

Also favorites of most Southern Gals:

  • smocked clothing for our children (boys or girls) (orientexpressed, castles & crowns, etc.)
  • BIG hairbows in our girl's hair
  • Vera Bradley
  • monograms on anything (towels, bags, children's clothing, etc.)
  • Tervis cups (
  • LL Bean beach totes (hello, of course with our monogram or name)
  • little girls with 2 name names: Anna Claire, Mary Elizabeth, etc. and yes you use both names
  • Supper Clubs
  • College Football (SEC of course)
  • paintings of our children
  • pearls
  • Sterling Silver baby items (rattles, pacifier clips, etc.)

I think that's enough for now!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama

So only 17 more days till I go home to visit everyone. I am so excited. I look forward to these visits every year. Sofia is excited as well. She is looking forward to seeing her MiMi and PaPa. I am determined this year to only pack one large suitcase and one small for both of us and that is IT! I always over pack. No stroller this year either (also a 1st) but maybe I will buy one of those inexpensive umbrella strollers when I get there. I have to start planning what to take this weekend--I know it is a little early but I have to make sure I don't forget anything! I don't have any major plans while I am there: take Sofia to Pt. Mallard, maybe skating with Mallory, Balloon Festival, Sex in the City Premiere (for me of course, not Sofia!), shop a little and that is really about it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My little swimmer in Action

I made this video on Friday at the Y. As you can see Sofia is loving the pool!

Swimming at the YMCA

So I am new to this whole blog thing--well i mean I read others but I have never thought of having my own. So I will try to post something each day, but for the most part I will just be sharing pics of my daughter on her daily adventures through life!

Sofia was in charge of her classroom "friend" this past weekend so we had to take Hopper everywhere with us.

We went to Red Lobster for dinner on Friday and then Hopper enjoyed swimming at the YMCA with Sofia. Sofia is swimming very good these days thanks to swim lessons at the Y and then she also swims there practially every day. After I work out she almost always wants to swim so of course I usually give in! Oh well, it is exercise for her too. It's great to have the Y so close because on the weekends we often go twice per day -- once for me to workout and Sofia plays in the childwatch and then again to swim. I'm working on my tan!