Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Goodwill Fun for the Week

Stopped by my local GW today to see if there was anything I "needed". I found a few things and left a few other good things that I really just did not need or did not think they would have been good things to sell on eBay. Here is what I got:

Preppy Pink Cords $2.50 - they were the 1/2 tag of the day!

VINTAGE from the 1960's "The Lilly Dress" by Lilly Pulitzer (this will be up on eBay in a couple of days for sure, working on a small stain that looks like rust on the bottom hem on the back of the dress)--Lilly Lovers--if interested, contact me. Size 10

Nearly New Dansko leather clogs $7.99

Beaded necklace .99

Tarnished silver wooden frame -- all of my framed photos in my house are in this color frame - $3.99 New with tags San Diego Hat Company pink straw purse/beach/pool bag - $2.99

Ver Bradley Petal Pink Maggie purse - $2.99 -- Sofia is never too young to start carrying the VB.

Well I did not get the child at the GW but I did get the wooden ladybug swing (brand new in the box) $9.99 (by the way, PLEASE ingnore the filthy appearance of this child - she ate chocolate and is wearing 1/2 of it)

Sofia picked out these treasures: New Gymboree red shirt - nautical style $2.99, 2 OLD Breyer model horses (add those to the 50 we already have!) .99 each, black purse covered with button $3.99, black Halloween purse that is sequined and says BOO $1.99, seashell necklace .99

Why I love the Goodwill...Vintage Lilly P

Vintage Lilly at the Goodwill

The Lilly Dress by Lilly Pulitzer
1960's (I believe)
size 10
zips up the back and the straps are adjustable by buttons in the back. Excellent condition but one small stain that looks like rust on the bottom of the back hem. Not very big and I am working to get it out or would be easily gone with a new hem by shortening the dress. If you are interested, contact me. I will be taking more pictures.
eBay here I come!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Using her Imagination

What do you think this is?
Well to her tired Mom it looked like more stuff for me to clean up. But upon closer look (and well after I saw what movie she was watching), it was clear - a Dog Sled. Sofia loves dogs (all animals really) so she was watching Snow Dogs on tv and decided she needed a dog sled too. She also told me she was a "mushy" - I think she meant Musher! I was impressed with her creativity so I decided I shouldsnap a few pics. I mean this is the child who up until the age of 3, would not play alone or out of sight of me for more than 5 minutes. I could not even leave the room she was in for more than a few minutes before she would come looking for me. She used to just roam from one toy to the next and never really get "involved" in anything. Times have changed!
By the way, the horses had to pull her sled because she did not have dogs that were big enough!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

What a lazy day...

I have not left the house all day. It is great. Sofia and I made blueberry muffins for breakfast then I cleaned the kitchen and the downstairs. We both went into the backyard and cleaned up the backyard, watered the flowers and Sofia climbed the tree. I then cleaned the master bedroom and bath, vacumed and that is about it. The last 2 hours or so I have been listing things for sale on eBay. I am finally finished with the stack I have been carting around for months. I have 35 things for sale! If you are looking for girls 4T then go check me out here.

I will be so happy to get all of those things out of here!

Friday, March 27, 2009

When Life (or Beth) hands you lemons.....

make lemonade!

My friend Beth at work (and tons of other folks in the area) has lemon trees in her backyard. So I told her anytime she picked them up, she could bring them to me. Well, she certainly took me up on the offer and brought a huge bag to me earlier this week. So tonight I made fresh squeezed lemonade and it is very good! I used 20 lemons (which Sofia sliced in half for me--yes I let my 5 year old use a knife) which made 6 cups of lemon juice, 18 cups of water and 3 ups of sugar. Sofia poured all of my ingredients together and even licked some lemon juice!

and what goes better with lemonade than cookies? Sofia "baked" these!

More GW Treasures

Other than my tv cabinet, these are the other GW treasures of the week:
Gymoree pink giraffe print pants NEW - for Sofia - 3.99
Old Navy NEW - for Sofia - 3.99
Sketcher shoes NEW - for Sofia $5.99
Gingham poodle (but with a Scottie) skirt for the costume stash - 1.99
Billiabong sock / shoes NEW - for me (you know for those bitter Arizona winters!) - 1.99
Nike Dry Fit hat for running - NEW (somethings I only buy new) - .99
Lage metal tray with lemons - 5.99 (my favorite of the day)
BRAND NEW black leather clogs / heels - 7.99
Nine West open toe heels - 5.99
Now some of you are probably going, EEWWWWWWWW shoes from the GW? Here is my policy:
  • minimal to no signs of wear on bottom, no skuffing, no evidence of a foot ever being on the inside (meaning an impression or the color worn from insole)
  • bring them home and use a clorox wife on inside and outside
  • let them sit for a day or two and then clorox them again--better safe than sorry

So an overall good day at the Goodwill!

I upgraded...'cause I'm fancy like that

So some of you may remember when I "picked-up" my tv cabinet back in the Fall. Well yesterday, for some reason (hard to believe, I know) I found myself at my local GW (that's Goodwill) and happened to find this little item. So I decided, Whit, you need a new tv cabinet. I liked the shape, the style is more my style and of course the price.....$24.99. Can't beat it for a Broyhill cabinet. So I had to go back today to pick it up, the GW boys loaded it up and I brought it home, got it out of the truck and pushed and pulled it into my family room and cleaned it up. I have to get a little paint to rub on in a few spots, but other than that, I love it!

I'm so fancy upgrading from free to $24.99--oh but wait, I had a 20% of coupon too!

Style Quiz

I saw this quiz over on Etiquettely Correct and thought it was fun! Go ahead and try it here.

The verdict is in—your style is Estate. Estate is an eternal American summer. Sporty. Charming. Breezy yet cultivated. A union of antique inspiration and geometric clarity. Civilization in peaceful coexistence with robust outdoor life. In the main house or the guest cottage, effortless elegance.

Flashback Friday

Not going back too far today, just to May 2008. Great day of swimming fun visiting my family in Alabama.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

the result of the 3-day diet.....

down 5.4 pounds since Monday morning!!!! (and no those are not my feet on the scale)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday....not really

So a friend at work gave me this diet plan (she got it from her dad who is a doctor). I went online and looked up lots of details about 3 day diets and most of them are cosidered fad diets and you gain all the weight back during your 4 "normal" days. But heck, I am always willing to try a diet. So I am doing it this week, today is day 3. I weighed on Monday morning and have not weighed since, I will weigh tomorrow morning. She weighed after one day and had lost 2 pounds! I will post the results for myself tomorrow.

As far as the diet is concerned, the breakfasts and dinners are fine. I am full, etc. The lunches are not so great. First, I had never tried cottage cheese and was gagging during my lunch yesterday. I could not eat it all. YUCK! I have done really well though. No substituting and no extras. You can have diet soda, which is great, so I have had 1 can each day. Supposedly it is the way all of the foods work together during the 3 days that make you lose the fat. Again, not sure yet, but will let you know tomorrow after I weigh.

Praying for Stellan

Prayers for Stellan

Terrific Tervis News - Save 15%

My good friend Elizabeth has generously offered a 15% discount off of Tervis Tumblers - if you order from her! So go on over to Tervis find what you like then send your information to Elizabeth at: Info@theonlineboatingstore.com

You can visit their store here!

So jump online, pick out some new tumblers and take advantage of this great offer!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tervis Tuesday

I am pretty sure I have metioned that I love Tervis Tumblers before. My good friend Elizabeth introduced me to these cups long ago. Well I love them! If you do not already own them, you simply must go check them out here. You can also find them on eBay. Today I am enjoying this tumbler: The Kentucky Derby version with a Mint Julip--and yes that is a monogrammed coaster sitting on my desk! Of course, you don't need it with these cups because they do not sweat. Anyway, I was on the Tervis website and found these options that I like right now:

School Pictures

I picked up Sofia's Spring school pictures this morning and I was pretty happy with them. Well that is until I saw that they had spelled her name wrong on several of them where they put details and their names on top of the picture to give it a vintage look. I mean really, she has been at the school for 2 years. Can't they spell her name right? Anywho, it was just one pose with several different "finishes". I also love that she has marker on her hand. Perhaps taking the Preschool pictures at 2:30 in the afternoon is not the best idea. Might want to think about getting them first. This is my favorite because it does not have her name on it wrong.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My little Spring Beauty

Yesterday Sofia and I went to dinner and then strolled around a shopping center and went into the Gap. She found a dress (and matching shoes) that she loved so I decided I would get it for her (since I liked it too) and we would use it for Spring / Summer pictures. We took a few at home today and then went to a local park. I think the turned out really well!