Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Adventures 2014 - Barton Creek Kayak

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Ours was action packed!

Saturday we had everyone up bright and early and we headed into the city to go kayaking at Zilker Park (Barton Creek). We did our research online and found Zilker Boats. They've got a great set-up right on the banks of the creek. They have single and double kayaks as well as canoes for rent. 

What I thought was really neat is you pay by the hour. They start your rental clock 10 minutes after they explain the equipment (giving you time to get down to the water) and then you simply sit back and paddle!

We all had a great time on the water for an hour and a half or so and then we  headed back to our car for our next adventure!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

#Goodwill Finds and projects to come

These chairs are horrible. They cost me $20 for the pair. I plan to re-upholster them and they will find their home in either the Family room or perhaps the kid's playroom.

 These #Goodwillfinds will make their way into Sofia's room after some "fixin' up." The big white owl will become pink and the small black one will get some ribbons.
These lamps will make their way into one of the boys' room. Just not sure which just yet. But, for $4 each, you can't beat it!

Friday, June 27, 2014

My Sweet Summer Girl

The peace sign/duck lips sums her up! She's silly and sweet. Strong and determined. She's a perfectionist and LOOK OUT when things don't work out just right. I can't believe she's 10 1/2 and will soon be a 5th grader. Where does the time go? 
I love you to the moon and back!! xoxo

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Weekly Phone Dump

 Honey and I spent an hour looking at this massive piece of cooking extravagance! It will be ours!
 We drove to Waco on Sunday to meet with a guy who is going to build our dining room table. This is what the kids looked like on the way home.
 While in Waco we had to stop by here! #fixerupper #hgtv

 We ate lunch here. Fantastic onion rings and the BEST banana milk shake ever!
 This sweet girl makes me happy!
 Even when she makes crazy faces like this!
 This gigantic beetle is proof that every thing really is bigger in TX.
 We ate donuts. Again.
 I cruised around the Restoration Hardware outlet.
 I made banana bread

And lastly - our home had a visitor. Clearly the deer are not happy about the work being done at the lot. lol

The Lot - June 18

Same ole, same ole. Not a lot happening at the lot right now. Loads of dirt have been brought in to prep for the foundation. Currently we are waiting on the plumbers to come and do their rough-in.

25 loads of dirt (give or take) tons of framing boards. Tons of pics :)

Craigsli$t ROCKS! - Houndstooth edition

Y'all - Craigsli$t continues to be awesome here in TX!

This week's edition:

(this is the pic from CL) Honey found these two pretties on the San Antonio CL. We loved the shape and wanted them to have recovered. Liked the shape. We bargained down to $250 - FOR THE PAIR and set off to San Antonio to pick them up. Well, when we got there we noticed the back of one was a little loose and will need a repair ($40). So Honey got her down to $180 for the pair of chairs and the BEST part --- he loves the fabric so we will be keeping them yellow and cream houndstooth!! I'm in love with them and they will look fantastic in #harrisonwhitfarmhouse!

So my price $280 + $40 repair = $320 for the pair.

Here they are at Overstock:

Price on OS - $284.99 Each!!! So I love them even more now!

Have you gotten bold enough to go searching Craigsli$t? Tell me what you have found!