Thursday, June 26, 2014

Craigsli$t ROCKS! - Houndstooth edition

Y'all - Craigsli$t continues to be awesome here in TX!

This week's edition:

(this is the pic from CL) Honey found these two pretties on the San Antonio CL. We loved the shape and wanted them to have recovered. Liked the shape. We bargained down to $250 - FOR THE PAIR and set off to San Antonio to pick them up. Well, when we got there we noticed the back of one was a little loose and will need a repair ($40). So Honey got her down to $180 for the pair of chairs and the BEST part --- he loves the fabric so we will be keeping them yellow and cream houndstooth!! I'm in love with them and they will look fantastic in #harrisonwhitfarmhouse!

So my price $280 + $40 repair = $320 for the pair.

Here they are at Overstock:

Price on OS - $284.99 Each!!! So I love them even more now!

Have you gotten bold enough to go searching Craigsli$t? Tell me what you have found!