Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer Adventures 2014 - Tubing the San Marcos River

This weekend we headed out to San Marcos, TX for a little summer fun. It was actually a little overcast but that didn't stop us from having fun.

Our first stop - the Pottery Barn outlet. Fun for me - not so much for the boys! I'll leave them at home next time! I did pick up a few things I felt like I "needed" - lamp shade for Sofia, galvanized tray and caddy and a little pillow I plan to paint a monogram on for the porch. (ignore all the junk in the garage)

After we left the outlets, we decided we needed food. So we let Honey pick since it was Father's Day weekend after all.  Honey picked BBQ (naturally) so we drove a little bit further to Lockhart, TX. Now, in Lockhart you have a few good choices: Kreuz, Smitty's or Black's. We wanted Black's, but the line was SO long, we settled for Kreuz.

This was our first time to go. The line was a little long but not too bad. I think we waited maybe 30-45 minutes. The group behind us assured us it was worth the wait.

Once inside, I went to the counter to order sides and drinks while Honey continued the wait for meat. Thankfully I was able to get us a couple of beers to cool us down! There's no AC on the "meat" side of the building!

When it was finally our turn we selected some sausage, ribs and brisket.

Now. This is where our mouth should have been watering. I mean this is FAMOUS TX BBQ. was ok. Not a lot of smoke flavor, the ribs were fatty and just overall not what we thought it would be.

So after our so-so lunch, we finally headed over to tube the San Marcos River. It was really crowded, but everyone had a great time!


Have you been to Kreuz? What BBQ should be we checking out in TX?

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Tina said...

Stumbled on your blog...I'm a Bama girl in TX too! Just over a year. We love Saltlick BBQ and County Line BBQ. Both are worth checking out!