Thursday, June 12, 2014

Random iPhone Dump (from the past few weeks)

 The day before we moved, we had donuts for breakfast - all the dishes were packed.
 The moving truck finally arrived and worked a slow (and long) 9 hours.
 We left town and had Sonoran hot dogs for dinner. Sofia sat on a tractor.
 There are deer everywhere at the lot.
 We looked at house plans.
 We walked around the lot.
 We looked at the house plans some more.
 I saw a beautiful ranch.
 The boys played basketball.
 I enjoyed dinner from the concierge room. And breakfast.
 I strolled around and saw cow statues.
 I took in a beautiful Hill Country view.
 I shopped.
 I got my filthy car washed.
 I bought more Tervis.
 One of Sofia's (many) AG dolls moved in.
 I helped the cable guy kills wasps before he could connect our internet.
 I went to the Farmers Market and made friends. I bought wine, peaches, tomatoes and a planter box.
 I lived it up in a hotel for 9 days.
 I got the call every Mom dreads: We are taking your child to the hospital! Sofia slipped, fell and sliced open her chin. Luckily no stitches were needed, just medical glue.
 We ate yummy Mexican. #Floresrocks
 We saw about a million Texas flags.
 And stars.
And lastly, I unpacked the most important stuff first.

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That's it!

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Becky M said...

Ummm now I want doughnuts :)