Monday, June 16, 2014

Craigsli$t ROCKS! - Restoration Hardware

Confession: Whitney + following  a budget usually doesn't turn out well. But my Honey is an expert at it. So we recently sat down to plot out the budget for the interior decorating portion of the new house. We really only kept a few things from our house in AZ. The new house is getting almost all new furnishings - this is VERY exciting. However, we have a budget and we are sticking to it!

Well, I love getting more for less so I knew I would turn to CL to look for some items. Now, that being said, I am PICKY!!!! I am only looking for name brand, like new items for the most part. I'm not looking for BIG projects - yet ( I do have some plans for dressers in the kids rooms and those will be a project).

So once we were settled this week in the rental, I made my list of search items, I set a daily reminder on my calendar and I went to "work" searching for items.

In the #HarrisonWhitfarmhouse we have one large living space for the kitchen, family room and dining room. No formals for us! In fact it's 20' w x 37' l. So we have lots of things to get for this room.

I started with our bar stools. The island is a little over 9 feet long. I knew we wanted something fairly neutral because the dining chairs are undecided at this point.

Well, trusty ole CL didn't let me down!!
I picked up these 4 Restoration Hardware beauties last night! Of course I took over an hour to go 22 miles (thank you Austin traffic) but it was well worth it! They are brand new and sat in a beach house during staging.

We paid $525 for the 4 stools.

Here they are on RH:

Price for 4 shipped from RH to us: $1345!  That's a savings of $820!

What's your most recent CL treasure?


InsLady said...

So excited for you and your family!! My fav CL find was a pair of RL lamps for $50 valued at $200. I picked them up the next time I was over in Huntville. Enjoy the process of building!!

Laura said...

Score!! You will LOVE your long island. I don't know how long/big mine is, but it's big {by my standards at least} and I LOVE IT!! When we have people over, we all congregate/graze at the island! It's perfect for parties!! I thought I wanted a step-down island. SO glad I listened to a friend's advice!! Can't wait to see more pics!

Follow me on IG! laurahorton0120 Love seeing your pics!