Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hello Texas! The post with NO pictures....

Where do I begin?

BamaGirl in AZ is now BamaGirl in TX!! I could not be more happy! I love our little town!

So here's the speed version (because I've moved on and ready to start my TX journey):

I'm from Alabama, moved to Arizona in 2000 and now here, in 2014, we have picked up and moved to Dripping Springs, TX (small town outside of Austin). Small town feel, super nice people, no complaints at all! My Honey works from home, I was blessed to receive permission to keep my job and work from home and life it just pretty darn awesome!

We are building our #Harrisonwhitfarmhouse on a little over 2 acres. It's not really a farm house
per se, but that's what I'm calling it! 

So, going forward, I'll be using my blog to track the progress of the construction, gather opinions on house stuff and (my favorite) share our Craigsli$t and GoodWill finds.

Oh, I'll also continue sharing our random happenings, travels and events. I've missed y'all!

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