Saturday, November 28, 2009

Festival of Lights – Arizona

Today was Sofia’s first performance as a dancer!  They performed the fight scene from the Nutcracker and then also her Musical Theatre class performed their Whoville/Grinch routine.  It started to rain and we thought the Whoville performance was going to be cancelled, but the rain stopped just before they went on!   I was so proud of her.  She did really well (I just wish you could see her better on the video).

 Festival of LIghts 002 Festival of LIghts 003     Festival of LIghts 008 Festival of LIghts 029Festival of LIghts 004Festival of LIghts 009 Festival of LIghts 005Festival of LIghts 010 Festival of LIghts 011 Festival of LIghts 012 Festival of LIghts 013 Festival of LIghts 015 Festival of LIghts 016 Festival of LIghts 017  Festival of LIghts 019  Festival of LIghts 021 Festival of LIghts 022 Festival of LIghts 023    Festival of LIghts 027 Festival of LIghts 028

Festival of LIghts 051 Festival of LIghts 037 Festival of LIghts 042

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

I hate black Friday shopping.  I can not believe I did it!  Yesterday I spent the day at a friend’s house and then a holiday party with her and her family after that.  We decided somewhere along the way, we would head out at midnight since Toys R Us and the mall were open.  WOW.  It was crazy (as you can see by the line below at Toys R Us).  At the ball is was half rave half mall!  Totally insane.  I got home about 7:30 this morning, put tv on for Sofia and tried to nap for a while.  Got up at 11 made lunch then Sofia and I both took a nap form noon-3:55 ---- 5 minutes before she had to be at Dance!!!!  YIKES!

My head hurts, I feel kinda sick.  It feels like I went out on a wild party binge last night.  Tomorrow will be a crazy day too, with the Festival of Lights.  I need a nap……

 Thanksgiving Day 029 Thanksgiving Day 032 Thanksgiving Day 033 Thanksgiving Day 034

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Watch my turkey trot

Thank goodness the Turkey Trot was before that huge feast we had (see my previous post) for lunch!

 Turkey Trot 002 Turkey Trot 003 Turkey Trot 009 Turkey Trot 010 Turkey Trot 011 Turkey Trot 039 Turkey Trot 051 Turkey Trot 052 Turkey Trot 053 Turkey Trot 056 Turkey Trot 058 Turkey Trot 064 Turkey Trot 065 Turkey Trot 066 Turkey Trot 067 Turkey Trot 072 Turkey Trot 073 Turkey Trot 074 Turkey Trot 076 Turkey Trot 078

You call this a Thanksgiving Feast?

Every day I am amazed at how things have changed or at least how they are different here in Arizona.  Yesterday was Sofia’s Thanksgiving presentation followed by a Thanksgiving “feast”.  I beg to differ (see evidence below).

  • First of all, what would be wrong with a good ole black construction paper Pilgrim hat? (side note:  Sofia clearly dressed the cutest and most Fall like)

 Thanksgiving 003 Thanksgiving 004  Thanksgiving 007 Thanksgiving 012 Thanksgiving 015 

  • Second – in what world is this a Thanksgiving feast?  The Feast consisted of:  one roll, one slice of cold deli turkey, one slice of deli cheese, a spoon of disgusting bananas, grapes and apples mixed together and a nice shade of brown goo all over them.  Later there was also a sliver of pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving 022

  • Oh and this was the only lunch the children got that day.  Oh and parents were not offered lunch.

Now here is the only real reason I complain:  Sofia and I rent (lord knows we could not afford to own here) in the highest income of all of this area of town.  In her class of 22 children, only 3 go to afterschool, because they have a stay-at-home parent that picks them up.  I am certain we could have had a proper Thanksgiving feast.  The strangest thing of all is that most people seemed fine with it.  Is it because I’m from the South and we are just better at these kinds of things?  Oh and of course the only thing Sofia ate was the slice of turkey. 

I can’t wait to see what they do for Christmas. Oh wait, there is no Christmas in schools anymore.  Oh and for that matter, Thanksgiving feast was actually Fall Feast.

I’m over all this political correctness.