Thursday, April 30, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday

Go check out Kelly's Korner today and the super fun Tour of Homes she is hosting. This week's theme is Kitchens! I posted my kitchen here.
Make sure you head over and check out all the great posts on Kelly's blog!

Swim Lessons

Sofia is having a really great time in swim lessons this year. She needs to work on using her arms a little more but other than that she is doing pretty good. I love taking pictures at lessons because of the great colors - sorry to bore you all!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Look Through My Window

Look Through My Window and Who (or what in this case) Do You See....

I am sure we all have a favorite view from our house. Maybe it is looking out at the ocean (I wish), a beautiful field, the city lights or just a great backyard.

I thought it would be fun to "look through each other's favorite window" to see what you see. So inside your home, what is your favorite view and why? Thought I would try my hand at a Mr. Linky -- but that is just too hard! So be sure to leave me a comment that you have posted (or just link back to my post) and then I will share the list of everyone on Friday.
Create a post with a picture taken looking out your favorite window in your home and tell me why it is your favorite! Then come back here and link up for everyone to see!

My favorite: I have 2 windows in the stairway and when I walk out of my bedroom, I can see stgraight out of them to the beautiful mountains beyond the huge blooming Palo Verde Tree. It is just amazing when the sun shines thrrough or even if it has been raining on cool days to see the fog rolling off the mountains. Makes me happy to think that I am fortunate enough to live in this beautiful neighborhood with a roof over my head and a job that can provide for my family. I am truly blessed. This view is often filled with planes going over the mountains, smoke from wildfires and even the occasional hummingbird visiting the tree. It really is a beautiful view.

Hope to be able to look through your window soon!

Dancing with the Stars and Backyard Beauty

After dinner we were in the backyard looking at the beautiful tree / looking at all the bees that swarm the beautiful tree and I decided I needed to take some pictures of the blooms before theyare gone. It really is a beautiful tree (it is a Palo Verde Tree) but boy does it make a mess! I am continuously sweeping up these blooms and the bees well, that is another story all together.

Sofia decided to put on a show while we were watcing Dancing tonight. I am telling you it might be time to be concerned over all the topless dancing she does. This child would go shirtless 24-7 while we are home if I would let her. She says she is hot? Whatever, cover up those "hoobies" as she refers to her chest!

Monday Moments

This morning:

Sofia: Mommy come here...NOW (just a little bit bossy)
Me: Excuse me?

Sofia: come here, I need you
Me: where are you?

Sofia: in the bathroom
I go find her
Me: yes honey, what is it

Sofia: LOOK
Me: at what?

Sofia: No, look in the potty
Silly me, I go look
Me: congratulations honey, but you really do not need to show me that you can poop on the potty anymore (she has been doing this nearly 3 years)

Sofia: No, but look how big it is....
Me: Wow honey, that is great but really no need to show me anymore

Sofia: Can I get a sticker?
Me: No

Sofia: Well can I have a snack then?
Me: fine

Seems like I thought we might have passed this stage already.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Phoenix Children's Museum

Sofia and I had a great time at the Phoenix Children's Museum yesterday. It is a new facility here - opened primarily from fundraising from the Junior League of Phoenix. We spent about 2 hours there and had a really good time.

**Update** - I had a few people ask about Sofia's outfit. I purchased here on eBay.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Yard Sales are great!

So I gave you a clue earlier - genie - this is what I found today at a yard sale on my way to work this morning:

Practically new, Gymboree Genie costume (top, pants, hat and shoes).

Halloween = DONE!
Price - $2.00!

This was certainly a Gymboree house. I also bought all of these Gymboree items:

Each piece was $1.00 - all in excellent like new condition. Perfect for play clothes this fall and beyond!

I purchased 4 pairs of shoes as well for .50 - 1.00 each pair. The 3 here are stride rite (black, white) and Primigi (brown). The other pair I bought were brand new (in the box) all white sandals (buster brown). You know it is really hard sometimes to find solid white sandals without characters.

What a great way to start the morning! Sofia and I are headed to the Children's Museum in the morning, I will be sure to post pictures later. Have a great weekend everyone!

Bargain Tease

Wow, I am just all over the deals this week. Here is just a teaser until I get home and post pics:


Will post pics later!

Flashback Friday

6-7 months old, playing on the Splash pad at the park

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kentucky Derby Party Outfit

So I mentioned yesterday that I will be going to a Kentucky Derby Party. I am going to the event that is held at Turf Paradise - the race track here in Phoenix. I wish I was attending the real thing!! Anywho, some girlfriends from work and I are getting dressed up and going to the races! Below is what I will be wearing:

Dress, Glasses and Shoes - Ross
Hat (that will be getting more flowers added to it) - Goodwill

Total Cost - less than $50

Thrift Store Thursday

I promise today I only stopped to drop things off!!!!! But none the less when they give you the coupon for 20% off, you might as well just stroll in. I was good. I only bought 3 things - and spent about $20!

First: A rug for our family room. The carpet in the home I rent is not my favorite. Just a dull brown berber that I would love to have replaced, but not my house. Looks great and was $24.99 - but my Goodwill "boy" charged be $14.99!!!

Second: A great oil painting -- already framed for $9.99 - cost me $6.99 (thanks again GW boy) it is 20 x 24 I think and will probably go above the TV cabinet (also a GW find)!

Third - Sofia scored herself a small Coach purse. Not bad for $2.99

Then I of course got to use the 20% off coupon on top of my frequent shopper savings! Great night at the GW!
After all, shopping at and donating to the Goodwill is my form of recycling. It is the only form of recycling I do!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yet another reason Thrifting is GREAT

So today Sofia and I ran in Savers (local AZ Thrift Store) and I scored one AWESOME find:

A bag FULL of more than 25 pieces of American Girl Doll clothes and shoes!
Cost: $9.99!!
I looked up two of the outfits on eBay and one had sold for $17 and the other had sold for $42!!! Now, we will be keeping these and have already put them to use tonight playing dolls after dinner, but WOW!
On another note, I stopped by Ross and found my dress and sunglasses for the Day of the Kentucky Derby! I already have my hat! Stay tuned for pics!