Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spend the night fun

This weekend, two of my friend Jamie's girls stayed Friday and Saturday night with Sofia and I. We had a lot of fun! We were supposed to have gone to the Easter parade today but the cold rain put and end to that. So what else was there to do but...go to the Goodwill! Yep, we all headed off to the good will. I have each girl $3 to shop with and the all ended up with a purse and 2 other small trinkets - Laynee a flute and a noise maker thingy and Mackenzie a pom-pom and Woody from the Toy Story. Sofia picked a bear and small bag of odd and end things. Me - I scored 4 dresses for eBay. Today was 1/2 off day so it was super crowded but super cheap as well!
This afternoon we went for a little walk over at the mountain and I snapped a few fun shots. It was been a fun weekend. Oh except for the part where I was driving down the road and a SCORPION came out of the car AC vent and was crawling across the dash. I had to kill it with Sofia's flip flop while I was driving!! Serious pest control going down here tomorrow!!!

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Laura said...

Loved the pics, but the whole scorpion story had me cracking up...literally!! Picturing you driving down the road with three girls in the back seat beating the dash with a flip-flop was just a great moment for me!