Monday, April 27, 2009

Dancing with the Stars and Backyard Beauty

After dinner we were in the backyard looking at the beautiful tree / looking at all the bees that swarm the beautiful tree and I decided I needed to take some pictures of the blooms before theyare gone. It really is a beautiful tree (it is a Palo Verde Tree) but boy does it make a mess! I am continuously sweeping up these blooms and the bees well, that is another story all together.

Sofia decided to put on a show while we were watcing Dancing tonight. I am telling you it might be time to be concerned over all the topless dancing she does. This child would go shirtless 24-7 while we are home if I would let her. She says she is hot? Whatever, cover up those "hoobies" as she refers to her chest!

1 comment :

ateamaz said...

What a riot! I think she's Hollywood bound! =)