Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Swap Fun

I had the opportunity to particiapte in a great Spring Swap - only problem - I am a terrible swap parther! Sorry Robyn! But I pinky swear my package was dropped off at Fed Ex last week and is on its way! I was bombarded with eBay packages and managed to get those out the door while neglecting my swap gift I have been riding around with! The bad thing is (Robyn don't read this) some of the items are holiday inspired and now look, tomorrow is the holiday! Save them for next year!!! I just know I am going to be banned from swaps from here on out. See what happens when you leave the lose your manners!!!!

Having said all that - look at all the wonderful presents Robyn sent me:
So many wonderful things! Thanks you so much and the candy is already gone!!!!

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Three under Three said...

don't worry about it! I have not received the goods yet but I am sure they will get here soon enough, and don't worry if the holiday is over as I was just telling my husband that I wished I had gotten around to buying some easter stuff on clearance, but I was too late and everything is pretty much gone in the stores so I will be excited to get some holiday goods!!

So glad you liked everything, I was so nervous picking things out, and it killed me not to gobble those eggs! lol