Sunday, April 18, 2010

First taste of Summer

The weather is warming up here in AZ and Sofia and I have already headed to the Y a few times to enjoy the wonderful pool!

 easter 001 easter 002 easter 003

All dressed up!

This past week the company that I work for held it’s annual awards banquet.  I was lucky enough to find a babysitter so I was able to attend. Now understand, this event ends each year with a party – that is  “what happens at spring training, stays at spring training” style!  I mean some of the stuff you see makes it a little difficult to look across the meeting room at some of your coworkers!  Anyway, just a pic of my and two of my BWFs (best work friends)!

Me, Steph and Jacque

What makes me happiest about this picture (other than being with these lovely ladies) – the dress is a 10 and yes that makes me VERY happy – side zip with no holding anything in makes for a happy girl!

spring training 001

Anna, Jen, Michelle (she just had a baby at 25 weeks and he is coming home soon) and me

work 4

Michael, Glenda, Me, Steph and Jacque

work 1

Glenda, Me and Jacque

work 2

Awww, Me and Jacque – she was my “date” for the evening because her (well technically her daddy’s credit card) bought our drinks! 

work 3

It is very rare that I go out and I must say it was a really fun night!  Me 2 drinks and 1/2 glass of wine and home by 11 (to kill a scorpion on the outside wall of my house) – all in all, a great night!

Easter – part 2

More pics from Easter of Sofia and I!  Tons of pictures lately as I am trying to catch up!


 easter 109 easter 110 easter 111 easter 114 easter 115 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         easter 117

 easter 119  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         easter 136

Easter Fun

What a wonderful Easter we had!  We went to an amazing Passion Play at our Church on Good Friday – it was awesome!  Earlier that day, Sofia had also been invited to a wonderful Easter pool party!  She decorated eggs, cookies, had an egg hunt (her prize was her very own Bible) and swam.  Oh and of course the bounce house and cake!  It really was a great time!

On Saturday, we went and watched the local Easter parade – very small town feel in a big ole town!  Pretty good but maybe not something we need to go to again.  We decorated eggs that afternoon at home.

Sunday morning the Easter bunny had left Sofia some lovely treats and then she hunted eggs.  Not the same hiding the eggs in rocks and along the sidewalk!  But since Sofia woke me up at 6am ready to hunt eggs, it was the best I could do.

After the egg hunt, we headed to church and then took a few outdoor pics of us.  That afternoon we had a yummy lunch of ham, asparagus and carrots.  Then (just when we thought we had had enough Easter fun) we went over to a friend’s house for more food, egg decorating and hunting!  WOW, we really maxed out this Easter!

 easter 010 easter 020 easter 023

Check out the “Jazzy Poms” – out favorite part of the parade!

easter 027  easter 046 easter 051 easter 055 easter 056 easter 057 easter 063 easter 064

So the Easter bunny left the chocolate bunny in the car a little toooooo long and his face got a little smushy!

easter 066 easter 070  easter 073 easter 074    easter 082 easter 080easter 083  easter 089 easter 090 easter 093 easter 094 easter 098 easter 104 easter 105 easter 107

My new “do”

Well, it’s not really a “do”. Anyone that knows me knows that I am very LOW maintenance.  I don’t get my nails done, I don’t wear tons of make-up (but can’t live without my bare minerals) and I don’t really do much to my hair.  Well, since I have lost 30 pounds I decided I needed to spruce it up a bit for Spring and Summer.  Confession – I had not had my hair cut since October….2008!  Yes, disgusting I know but my hair grows very slow.  I also had not had color on it for 3 years or so.  Anyway, got it done about a week ago and Sofia snapped some pics of me after church one day.

PS –I have a really big nose, don’t I?  I mean I know I am judgmental about my pics, but isn’t my nose big?  Be honest – I can take it!


 whit 019 whit 006 whit 007 whit 018 whit 001