Monday, April 5, 2010

American Girl Store – Surprise!

So we woke up Friday morning and headed over to The Grove in LA to go to the AG Store – Sofia had NO idea! I did tell her to bring 2 of her dolls from home so we would have something to “play” with! 

She was so surprised and had an amazing time!  They are so nice there and willing to take pictures and wait on you hand and foot; of course for those prices they should!  They had a neat package called Special Girl of the Day and I purchased that for Sofia – that way we would go above and beyond our spending budget!  It included shopping money, lunch for both of us in the cafe, a hair appointment for her doll, a portrait session for her with her doll and a shirt for her and her doll!

Sofia was so happy and well behaved while were there – I was happy I had decided to bring her!  We will certainly go back again – maybe a birthday trip, who knows!

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What a day!

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