Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break cont. – Horseback Riding in the Santa Monica Mountains

Saturday morning we woke up to beautiful warm weather and checked out of our hotel and headed out to Topanga Canyon to go riding.  Sofia had a great time and of course I realized my knees hurt a bit after riding for 2 hours!  Not as young a I used to be!!

Before we rode, I took a few minutes to snap some outdoor pics of Sofia – sunshine +hay bale = great photo op!

 DSC07618DSC07639DSC07638 DSC07619  DSC07621 DSC07620DSC07622 DSC07623  DSC07625 DSC07626 DSC07627DSC07624 DSC07628 DSC07629 DSC07630 DSC07631 DSC07632 DSC07633  DSC07635   

A great time.  Our guide had lots of info to share about working with horses in Hollywood, etc.  She told me were riding along the trail used for the road in the Mash series. 

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Holly said...

Great photos! I love the ones of the flowers! :)