Friday, July 31, 2009

Starry Safari at the Phoenix Zoo

Sofia and I had a great time tonight at the Phoenix Zoo’s Starry Safari.  Each Friday and Saturday night (during the summer) they are open from 6-8 with bounce houses, games, Radio Disney and of course the splash pad.  Sofia had a great time and the weather was not too bad – especially with all the water everywhere. 



Zoo Fun 048  Zoo Fun 008 Zoo Fun 012

Zoo Fun 042



Zoo Fun 081

Flashback Friday

Sofia and her cousin Mallory enjoying some dress-up fun all the way back in 2005!

dress up

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Medicare Advantage

Now I am sure some of you may be wondering why I would be writing about this.  Watch this video (and think about your parents and / or grandparents).  SilverSneakers is what I do!!!  Medicare Advantage is very important for all Older Adults! 

Yummy Summer Lunch

While on vacation with Elizabeth I enjoyed yummy Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella salad.  Upon returning home I decided I needed to create this for lunches etc.  I have made it several times.  It is so simple and delicious! 

I used:

Cherub tomatoes (sliced in half), fresh mozzarella cheese (sliced and cubed), fresh basil and Wishbone Balsamic Vinaigrette to taste.  I also finished with a little fresh ground pepper.  So easy and so good!

   Dinner 004 Dinner 005

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Making her Mommy Proud

She might not be growing up down South, but she is still my little Southern Belle!!

july 011 july 015   july 014

july 020 july 015    july 019

Back to School – Part 3

Today Sofia went to the dentist to get her teeth cleaned and…….she has a cavity!  I am not stern enough about the flossing.  Today was the first time she has had X-rays taken and she did really great.  So she has to go back tomorrow for a filling.  Sure hope that goes over well.  At least they have the glasses she can wear and watch a movie in while they do the work.  She does not have any loose teeth and they also mentioned she does not have a lot of primary space so her teeth are going to be tight.  So anyway, we can check this back to school item off the list as well. 

dentist 419018710_1453738829_0



Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Mom Moment

Over the weekend Sofia and I shared a special mother / daughter moment as she so boldly went scorpion hunting with me in the backyard.  We killed one.  She thought is was great how the scorpions glow greenish/yellow when you shine a blacklight flashlight on them. 

Wow. Mom of the Year material for sure.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random Saturday Stuff

Today has been a really great day – filled with not a whole lot! 

Sofia had her first day of Ballet class and Jazz Class – after 2 hours of dance she was pooped! 

July 040

July 050

July 041

Then after that we just came home and have not done much else.  I have being buried in laundry and unpacking Sofia’s suitcases.  I also have tasked myself with cleaning out all of her play clothes. pjs and shoes.

Sofia is currently taking shower #2 of the day – I am telling you that child would take 5 showers per day if I would let her!

Earlier we had a Build-a-Bear slumber party with all her animals! 

As I look around the 2nd floor of my house – it is a disaster!  Toys everywhere, clothes everywhere.  I need a magic wand to make all this disappear!  I know what I will be doing tomorrow! 

This past week I have finished 2 James Patterson books.  I read Beach Road and Lifeguard.  Both were excellent!  I normally don’t like the mystery type book – I need a little more romance in my reads!!!  But I must say these were really good.

Now here is where I need some advice – bed wetting.  Sofia goes through lengths of time when she never wets the bed and then she resorts back to wetting the bed at night. Right now (and from what I am told – most of the summer) she has wet the bed nearly every night.  She goes to the bathroom right before bed.  I limit her liquids – maybe I should limit them more.  Any thoughts / suggestions? 

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Show Us Your Life – Wedding Dress

Join Kelly over at Kelly’s Korner for a great tour this week – Wedding Dresses!

This was 1997 and I got married in Las Vegas – I was very happy with my simple, no frills dress!

I had to scan these, so the quality is not so good!  Head on over to Kelly’s and join in the fun!

wedding 1

wedding 2

Flashback Friday


September 2004, 10 months old

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ready for School – Part 2

Sorry Jill (and all the other teachers out there) but the back to school prep is in full swing here in AZ.  The first day is 08/10. 

Today we got a head start on school supplies – these are just some of the things that are required for Kindergarten. 

Sofia picked out her backpack and lunch box. I am going to take them both to be monogrammed next week.  I consider the monkey and frog a great alternative to Bratz, Barbie or Princesses!


So have you started the back to school process yet?  How early do your kiddos start back?  I remember the good ole days when we started after Labor Day!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ready for School – Part 1

Closet of new clothes – check.

Mom (and Dad) with a shopping problem – check.

The side with shorts/pants/capris/skirts and matching tops

 P7220026  P7220025

The dresses side.


Happy Birthday Semi-Slacker Mom




Today is Semi-Slacker’s bloggy birthday!  Make sure you head on over there and wish her a Happy Birthday and enter her great giveaway! 

More importantly, just follow her because she is super funny!!!!!  So go on over now and hey, tell her BamaGirl In AZ sent you!!

Wordless Wednesday


Monday, July 20, 2009

Arizona Summer Storms

As if the AZ heat was not bad enough (it was 109 today at 6pm) this is what we get almost daily during July and into August – out AZ monsoons.  Sometimes we get rain, but mostly just a lot of dust, wind and lightening.  It makes for some pretty interesting clouds but more than that it just makes a mess!


007 001 008

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Monday’s Thrifty Treasures

Well I have been on vacation so there has not been much time for bargain hunting!  Really too hot for very many yard sales in AZ right now.  However below are a few of my most recent finds at Goodwill.  I used my 20% coupon I received for donating on all of the below items and spent less than $20.


Goodwill 003

I got Sofia a great Madam Alexander doll to go along with her AG dolls – this doll is similar in height and style to AG - $3.99

I also got Sofia a hat that will be embellished for next year’s Kentucky Derby - .99

Last but not least I got 10 hard back books.  I love buying my books at the Goodwill.  Then after I read them, I donate them to my library so they can sell them in their Friends of the Library store.  That way, not only did the GW make money from me but the library can make money as well! I always buy my books at the GW when they are 1/2 price (either on 1/2 price day or based on what week # is 1/2 off).  I got all these books for less than $2.00 each.

That is all I have this week.  Make sure you head over to Rhoda’s to check out everyone’s treasures!

Things to do in the country….

Blackberry picking!  Elizabeth and I chose one day to hang out in the house and pretty much do nothing.  Then later on that same day we decided to go pick blackberries.  It was a fun little adventure and reminded me of my childhood.  It works out well that E is tall because she could reach the best berries!

 6180_103866273987_647823987_2007598_3049547_n 6180_103866283987_647823987_2007600_7794818_n 6180_103866288987_647823987_2007601_5387777_n  6180_103866323987_647823987_2007606_6538322_n 6180_103866328987_647823987_2007607_526989_n  6180_103866313987_647823987_2007605_406820_n6180_103866338987_647823987_2007609_6446614_n

6180_103866343987_647823987_2007610_1212145_n 6180_103866293987_647823987_2007602_6695731_n 6180_103866298987_647823987_2007603_1478700_n 6180_103866308987_647823987_2007604_7941347_n

The finished product – fresh-baked cobbler with homemade ice cream!