Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random Saturday Stuff

Today has been a really great day – filled with not a whole lot! 

Sofia had her first day of Ballet class and Jazz Class – after 2 hours of dance she was pooped! 

July 040

July 050

July 041

Then after that we just came home and have not done much else.  I have being buried in laundry and unpacking Sofia’s suitcases.  I also have tasked myself with cleaning out all of her play clothes. pjs and shoes.

Sofia is currently taking shower #2 of the day – I am telling you that child would take 5 showers per day if I would let her!

Earlier we had a Build-a-Bear slumber party with all her animals! 

As I look around the 2nd floor of my house – it is a disaster!  Toys everywhere, clothes everywhere.  I need a magic wand to make all this disappear!  I know what I will be doing tomorrow! 

This past week I have finished 2 James Patterson books.  I read Beach Road and Lifeguard.  Both were excellent!  I normally don’t like the mystery type book – I need a little more romance in my reads!!!  But I must say these were really good.

Now here is where I need some advice – bed wetting.  Sofia goes through lengths of time when she never wets the bed and then she resorts back to wetting the bed at night. Right now (and from what I am told – most of the summer) she has wet the bed nearly every night.  She goes to the bathroom right before bed.  I limit her liquids – maybe I should limit them more.  Any thoughts / suggestions? 

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!!

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Laura said...

Are those private dance lessons she's taking?

Sorry that I can't help you with the bed wetting dilemma!