Sunday, July 19, 2009

Things to do in the country….

Blackberry picking!  Elizabeth and I chose one day to hang out in the house and pretty much do nothing.  Then later on that same day we decided to go pick blackberries.  It was a fun little adventure and reminded me of my childhood.  It works out well that E is tall because she could reach the best berries!

 6180_103866273987_647823987_2007598_3049547_n 6180_103866283987_647823987_2007600_7794818_n 6180_103866288987_647823987_2007601_5387777_n  6180_103866323987_647823987_2007606_6538322_n 6180_103866328987_647823987_2007607_526989_n  6180_103866313987_647823987_2007605_406820_n6180_103866338987_647823987_2007609_6446614_n

6180_103866343987_647823987_2007610_1212145_n 6180_103866293987_647823987_2007602_6695731_n 6180_103866298987_647823987_2007603_1478700_n 6180_103866308987_647823987_2007604_7941347_n

The finished product – fresh-baked cobbler with homemade ice cream!



Laura said...

Where was my invite? Gosh, that cobbler looks delish!!

jill said...

i LOVE blackberries! and fyi .. that last picture being so big is criminal. totally not fair to the rest of us. ha! :)