Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ready for School – Part 1

Closet of new clothes – check.

Mom (and Dad) with a shopping problem – check.

The side with shorts/pants/capris/skirts and matching tops

 P7220026  P7220025

The dresses side.



jill said...

sophie wanted me to tell you that she loves hand-me-downs. not sure why she wanted me to, but i promised i'd relay the message.

but if you start talking about school a whole bunch, i'm afraid i'm going to have to quit visiting for a while. haha!

Three under Three said...


Elizabeth said...

And what happened to the horse lunch "box" that you got in GA for kindergarten?

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Do you need my address for my hand-me-downs?

Laura said...! And I thought I was the one with the problem! Send me some hand-me-downs, too!

Maggie Elizabeth said...

I am loving that closet!!