Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break

I tossed around so many different ideas of where to go for Spring Break, I thought I would never make up my mind!  Finally settled on driving to LA (Santa Monica) and then Coronado Island.  Except for the HORRIBLE traffic on Saturday between LA and Coronado Island, we had a great time!

We drove over to Santa Monica on Thursday at stayed at the Loews (on the beach) for 2 nights.  Spent time at the beach, in the pool and then on Friday morning I took Sofia to her big “surprise” – the American Girl Store!  Talk about having a great time!!

Saturday morning I took her for her next surprise – horseback riding in the Santa Monica Mountains – also awesome!  After riding we made the drive (it took 5.5 hours) to get down to Coronado Island – the traffic was terrible – thought I was going to lose my mind and totally regretted it! Once we go to the Loews on Coronado, it was beautiful (we have stayed there a couple of other times).  We swam all afternoon, ordered room service for dinner, watched a movie in bed and just had great mommy/daughter time! 

Sunday morning we got up bright and early and went to the beach and had a GREAT time!  We found so many sand dollars and beautiful shells – Sofia loved every single moment!  I love Coronado!!

All in all – a wonderful trip.  I must thank my job for giving me an annual bonus – or we would not have been going anywhere!  HA!

Tons of pictures!

Day One – Santa Monica – the sun suddenly disappeared at 3:30 in the afternoon!

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Who could love the beach more?

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