Thursday, April 9, 2009

School Easter Party

Sofia had her class Easter (well they called it Spring) party. They listened to a story, colored eggs, had an egg hunt and an Easter party. Oh and the kids loved playing with my camera! Things went well until someone picked Sofia's real egg with her initials on it and they put a hole in it from holding it too hard. Oh it was a tragedy! She also got upset when it was time for me to go back to work, but overall, it was a nice event.

Doesn't this hat look like the lady off of Hee Haw? You guys remember that show?

With her teacher, Ms. Tina Her Easter basket - amazing what pipe cleaners and paper plates can make

Me and my little Easter Bunny!

The tragis aftermath of the broken egg...lip still poked out over the broken egg..

Oh and by the way - we killed scorpion #4 tonight - in the house - it came in from the laudry that was hanging up and drying. This time, Sofia got bitten -- luckily it did not really hurt her and since it was a larger scorpion, they are less potent. She did not cry or anything. I hate those things so much!
Happy Easter!

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