Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

I hate black Friday shopping.  I can not believe I did it!  Yesterday I spent the day at a friend’s house and then a holiday party with her and her family after that.  We decided somewhere along the way, we would head out at midnight since Toys R Us and the mall were open.  WOW.  It was crazy (as you can see by the line below at Toys R Us).  At the ball is was half rave half mall!  Totally insane.  I got home about 7:30 this morning, put tv on for Sofia and tried to nap for a while.  Got up at 11 made lunch then Sofia and I both took a nap form noon-3:55 ---- 5 minutes before she had to be at Dance!!!!  YIKES!

My head hurts, I feel kinda sick.  It feels like I went out on a wild party binge last night.  Tomorrow will be a crazy day too, with the Festival of Lights.  I need a nap……

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Laura said...

Come now! I thought you were a tougher Bama Girl than that!! Black Friday is TRADITION!!! I never thought about getting "footage."