Monday, June 23, 2014

Yardsale Fun

I admit, every now and then I do enjoy a good yard sale! It's fun, it reminds me of good times with my mom as a kid, and hey, you never know what you could find!

When we first moved to DS (Dripping Springs) I noticed a banner in town advertising the United Methodist church's upcoming rummage sale. So I thought "maybe I need to go check this out" and so I did.

The yard sale started at 8am on Friday. So I scooted over to the church and was kinda surprised when I saw a line waiting to go into the church. Of course I thought this was kind of exciting too!

So I got in line and chatted with some of the other bargain hunters about how I was new in town and tried to get some information about this sale. Turns out, it is the BEST yard sale around! Yay me!!

As we waited in the line I could see a woman from the church explaining something and holding up  a bag. I wasn't sure what was going on. Well, imagine my surprise when I got to the front of the line and found out the sale worked like this:

  • The church gives you one bag at a time (it was a large, tough bag)
  • Every thing at the sale without a price tag can go in the bag
  • Fill up your bag and pay.......ready?....$4

YES - $4 for whatever you can fit in the bag!!! Woo Hoo - you guys, I'm an excellent packer! lol

So, wanna see what my bags (yes bags) got me?

Bag #1 - $4

So this was what bag #1 looked like unpacked:

Pretty amazing right? Now, I may not even end up using all this in #harrisonwhitfarmhouse BUT it all felt right to me!

  • The lamp will get a makeover and a new shade
  • the metal buckets (from Gardenridge with a combined value of $60 - price tags still on bottom)
  • 5 cup glass measuring cup
  • the metal western towel bar things each had a price tag on them for $25 from a local boutique - these are going either on the patio or in the treehouse
  • other random items that just caught my eye and well, when you are dealing with a crowd and everything in the bag is just $4 - you just grab it!
So when my arms were aching, I went and checked out. You have to pay to receive another bag.


The second bag was a little less exciting, but for $4 I got:

  • a very nice wool (not from Target) rug
  • a large potter barn bowl
  • an apothecary bowl
  • a cutting board (that I plan to stand and age darker)
After these 2 bags, I strolled over into the section of the sale with price tags and I bought a few things that for some reason I didn't take a picture of:
  • an enamel bowl, $5
  • a painting. $2
  • black step stool, $5
  • 2 large metal plant, $4

 So I did manage to spend a little bit more and then I headed home.

Well, while I was at the sale, I heard that on Saturday everything was 1/2 off! I had seen a dresser that I thought I might want for a project so I decided I would go back on Saturday just for the dresser!

Of course the dresser was gone on Saturday, so instead I managed to fill 2 more bags at $2 each.

Bag #1 - $2:

That's right! These beauties cost me a total of $2! I plan to paint them for either the family room or the kids play room.

Bag #2 - $2:

Nothing really exciting:

  • a wooden tray
  • an outdoors pillow (I plan to monogram)
  • and 3 wooden coat racks to hold jewelry in the closet or for storage in the garage
So, that was it!

Overall, a fun time and a few good items to work on for the house. For now, it's all in boxes in the garage!

So, do you "do" garage sales? If so, have you found any great treasures lately?


Laura said...

I don't do garage sales simply because I don't like pilfering. I don't like stores like Ross or TG Maxx and when I do go in them, I normally come out empty handed. Glad to see your rummaging is picking up always were lucky enough to find a good deal! However, I must say that all the "western wear" and Texas A&M pins are scaring me! Roll Tide!!

Becky M said...

How fun!! I love those metal bins! They'll work for so many things!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

I love a good deal. Your font on your blog is so hard to read. Maybe you can change it to something more readable?