Thursday, June 26, 2014

Weekly Phone Dump

 Honey and I spent an hour looking at this massive piece of cooking extravagance! It will be ours!
 We drove to Waco on Sunday to meet with a guy who is going to build our dining room table. This is what the kids looked like on the way home.
 While in Waco we had to stop by here! #fixerupper #hgtv

 We ate lunch here. Fantastic onion rings and the BEST banana milk shake ever!
 This sweet girl makes me happy!
 Even when she makes crazy faces like this!
 This gigantic beetle is proof that every thing really is bigger in TX.
 We ate donuts. Again.
 I cruised around the Restoration Hardware outlet.
 I made banana bread

And lastly - our home had a visitor. Clearly the deer are not happy about the work being done at the lot. lol

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