Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Goodwill Fun for the Week

Stopped by my local GW today to see if there was anything I "needed". I found a few things and left a few other good things that I really just did not need or did not think they would have been good things to sell on eBay. Here is what I got:

Preppy Pink Cords $2.50 - they were the 1/2 tag of the day!

VINTAGE from the 1960's "The Lilly Dress" by Lilly Pulitzer (this will be up on eBay in a couple of days for sure, working on a small stain that looks like rust on the bottom hem on the back of the dress)--Lilly Lovers--if interested, contact me. Size 10

Nearly New Dansko leather clogs $7.99

Beaded necklace .99

Tarnished silver wooden frame -- all of my framed photos in my house are in this color frame - $3.99 New with tags San Diego Hat Company pink straw purse/beach/pool bag - $2.99

Ver Bradley Petal Pink Maggie purse - $2.99 -- Sofia is never too young to start carrying the VB.

Well I did not get the child at the GW but I did get the wooden ladybug swing (brand new in the box) $9.99 (by the way, PLEASE ingnore the filthy appearance of this child - she ate chocolate and is wearing 1/2 of it)

Sofia picked out these treasures: New Gymboree red shirt - nautical style $2.99, 2 OLD Breyer model horses (add those to the 50 we already have!) .99 each, black purse covered with button $3.99, black Halloween purse that is sequined and says BOO $1.99, seashell necklace .99


Laura said...

You are so lucky! I don't think I told you, but Alise and I went to our local GW while I was keeping her for spring break. We walked in and walked right back out!! Junk! That's all it was was pure JUNK!! So disappointed!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I may be interested in the Lilly dress. I love vintage.

I wish we had a good GW, ours sucks.