Sunday, March 15, 2009

I scrap, do you?

Scrapbooking. You either love it or you don't. I started scrapbooking as a child. I remember buing the big wire-bound books with the grayish / brown paper and using scotch tape to attach newspaper articles, pictures, tickets, etc. into the books. As a child I was a horse lover and loved horse racing so any time there was an article in the paper about horses or racing, i cut it out and taped (or glued) it into my book.

Well times have certainly changed. I can still remember back in 1997, I was working at Gold's Gym in Decatur, Al (in the child watch) and I had brought a scrapbook with me to work on at the gym. Well a friend came in (Lu) and saw my book I was so proud of and thought I might be interested in going to this party a friend of hers (E) was having about scrapbooking.

Hello Heaven! I loved it. Creative Memories. Remember those days? Die-cuts, sticker, page protectors, oh my! I had never dreamed of something so fabulous. I was addicted. More parties, late nights with the girls. I am not sure what was best: the scrapping or the friends? Of course there was also lots of eating!

I have had many a wonderful girls night / weekend / trips based around scrapping. I really do love it. I used to be caught up at all times. Well until I had a child. Sofia is 5 and has about 12 scrapbooks so far and I am right now......about 1.5 years behind. YIKES.

I have a ton of stuff to work with, but since moving to AZ, unless I scrap with Jamie, I don't scrap at all. Well, yesterday I had a great time and spent the whole day with Jamie and her fam and we did not scrap (though I think we intended to) but she told me scrapbooking. Now I have known about it but never tried it because I though, oh it takes all the fun out of it because it would just be yourself and your computer. Well, I don't care. I thought it was awesome and since last night I have already done 2 pages and downloaded a ton of page kits and elements to work with . It is really easy!! My pages so far have been very simple, but I am learning!

Thanks Jamie! Now, what about you guys? Do you scrap? If so, what is your method? What is your favorite part about it?


Sears Family said...

I love the opportunity to create an addict!!! And your pages are great! You are a quick learner!

Three under Three said...

I love scrapbooking too. I used to go to a lot of weekend getaway crops but it's hard now that I have kids. I have done a little bit of digital stuff with the website and I recently purchased some digital scrapbook program from creative memories, but have not had a chance to use it yet. I love to try to copy pages from scrapbook magazines.