Friday, March 27, 2009

I upgraded...'cause I'm fancy like that

So some of you may remember when I "picked-up" my tv cabinet back in the Fall. Well yesterday, for some reason (hard to believe, I know) I found myself at my local GW (that's Goodwill) and happened to find this little item. So I decided, Whit, you need a new tv cabinet. I liked the shape, the style is more my style and of course the price.....$24.99. Can't beat it for a Broyhill cabinet. So I had to go back today to pick it up, the GW boys loaded it up and I brought it home, got it out of the truck and pushed and pulled it into my family room and cleaned it up. I have to get a little paint to rub on in a few spots, but other than that, I love it!

I'm so fancy upgrading from free to $24.99--oh but wait, I had a 20% of coupon too!

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