Sunday, March 8, 2009

Random Happenings

So it is Spring Break and no plans for me. Sofia is in Texas with her Dad and Grandparents and I am just working. Fun! My plans for the week include dieting and working out--exciting right? Today I took a Cardio / kickboxing class and almost died. I am going to hike this afternoon because it is BEAUTIFUL in Arizona right now. Of course I also have to do my house cleaning ritual. I am getting rid of a bunch of clutter too. The more I get settled into this house the clearer it is how much smaller of a place it is so more "stuff" must go. I have a ton of stuff for ebay too that I have to get to work on.

Last night I went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic--LOVED it. I have read that entire series of books and the movie was really fun. I then left the movie and went shopping.....I wonder if that means I have a problem? Perhaps. But anywho, while shopping at none other than Ross, I found what could be my MOST FAVORITE JEANS IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!! Here is my dilema with jeans:
  • I am short, jeans are long
  • I am cursed with being someone who carries their "extra pounds" in the stomach area therefore, I have to buy jeans that fit in waist and then they are huge everywhere else

BUT, last night I have (at Ross) some Buffalo Jeans by David Bitton and they are AWESOME!!!! They fit in the waist (and a smaller size I might add) and they fit in the legs too! Best part about it they are supposed to cost over $100 and I paid $19.99! Gotta love Ross for that and normally I do not like Ross because the store is normally trashed.

I also found 2 of these (but in a solid, pale pink) marked down to $1.99. They are awesome and the work! My hair right now is too short to stay back while I run or exercise and most headbands (even those that are non-slip) slip. Well, these stay in place! I used it this morning during the kickboxing and it stayed-put the entire class.

Aside from those awesome items, just some shirts for Spring / Summer.

So is it Spring Break in other parts of the country as well, or not yet? Did everyone "spring" their clock forward? Our clocks stay put in Arizona so I don't have to worry about that.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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Laura said...

Congrats on the jeans and smaller size! I laughed about the kick boxing class! Sorry! Alise is out for Spring Break the week after this one. It's been a beautiful weekend here, too, even though we did have to "spring forward"!