Monday, March 30, 2009

Using her Imagination

What do you think this is?
Well to her tired Mom it looked like more stuff for me to clean up. But upon closer look (and well after I saw what movie she was watching), it was clear - a Dog Sled. Sofia loves dogs (all animals really) so she was watching Snow Dogs on tv and decided she needed a dog sled too. She also told me she was a "mushy" - I think she meant Musher! I was impressed with her creativity so I decided I shouldsnap a few pics. I mean this is the child who up until the age of 3, would not play alone or out of sight of me for more than 5 minutes. I could not even leave the room she was in for more than a few minutes before she would come looking for me. She used to just roam from one toy to the next and never really get "involved" in anything. Times have changed!
By the way, the horses had to pull her sled because she did not have dogs that were big enough!

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