Friday, May 9, 2008

and now some of the things I do not like...

It only seemed fair to follow up yesterday's post with some of the things (as a true Southerner) I don't like:

  • Pierced ears on infants or any child under an age at which time they could fully comprehend what is involved and the pain or the ability to upkeep the wound.

  • Dressing our children like "adults". Such as: little girls in hip huggers, thong underwear, platform shoes or smaller versions of "trendy" fashions

  • Character clothing (Barney,Disney, etc.)

  • Not saying thank you and you're welcome to anyone who helps you with something (think saying please and thank you at the McDonald's)

  • Having neighbors who do not speak to each other. How can you live in a neighborhood for 7 years and only know one family? (that would never happen in the South)

  • Not having sweet tea (again, not my personal drink of choice but you know everyone wants sweet tea, so why not make it with the sugar?)

  • Infant jewelry (think gold name id bracelet). When is jewelry ok? In the portrait for which you will later be using to have a painting created of your child. What jewelry is ok? Family pearls.

  • "Rat tail" hair styles on little boys. Despite what you may think, this is not a southern thing (but maybe a south of the border thing).

  • Babies/toddlers in public with only a diaper on. How about you as the parent just show up everywhere in your underwear? I don't think so. What can make this worse? Bare feet and the child with a bottle of tea or soda or juice or something.

I am sure there are more but that is enough for today! Take care!

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