Sunday, October 3, 2010

August – back to school and more!

How is it possible my baby is in First Grade?  We are very excited about Sofia’s teacher and looking forward to a much better experience than last year.  Sofia was very happy to find out some of her great friends were going to be in her class this year.  We did a little back to school shopping, ordered a new backpack and she was ready to go!

Summer 021 Summer 023 Summer 010 Summer 012 Summer 014 Summer 015 Summer 016 Summer 017 Summer 018 Summer 019

In addition to starting school, August also kicked off the new dance year.  Sofia participated in 2 weeks of intense boot camp and then had try-outs for the Musical Theatre Company.

Try-outs day!  Lucky #43

August 105  August 079  August 082 August 080

All dressed up in her new dance outfit for the first day of boot camp!

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Maggie Elizabeth said...

That looks like so much fun!! I am loving her new dance outfit as well!! I can not wait till Sophie Clare can start dance!! I also hope that she has a great year in 1st grade!!