Sunday, October 3, 2010

Summer Recap: Dance Recital

So summer are pretty calm for me because Sofia heads out to TX to spend the summer with her Dad and Grandparents.  Before heading out though, she had her end of the year dance recital.  She performed in a ballet routine to Copellia, a musical theatre routine to Lion King (over 13 minutes long) and then she took part in the finale routine.  She was wonderful!  I was so impressed!  The dance school she attends really is the best around. 

 31366_398423363079_507813079_4083319_2597816_n 31366_398423378079_507813079_4083321_790278_n 31366_398423383079_507813079_4083322_4341673_n 31366_398423393079_507813079_4083323_6600213_n 31366_398425843079_507813079_4083448_5448009_n 31516_398057698079_507813079_4074049_5657239_n 31516_398057703079_507813079_4074050_6862346_n 31516_398057708079_507813079_4074051_416123_n

Sofia is known as Jazzy’s “Mini-me” at the studio


Her Copellia outfit – not sure what this smile is about!


Finale outfit


Lion King


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