Monday, December 28, 2009

Is it bad that…

I’m a little more happy to have the tree down and all the “stuff” put away than I was to have it up?

I took it all down yesterday.  I mean I love my decorations, but man, I love that clean house feeling when it is all put away until next year!


Today for fun, I went to the Dr. who then sent me to the ER for a follow-up EKG because my arms and hands have been almost completely numb for 2 weeks.  EKG in Dr.’s office came back abnormal but at the ER it was fine.  So I spent 5 hours waiting to be told I had severe carpal tunnel and should see a specialist for it. Then did give me some nifty arm braces to wear though!  Wonder how much this is gonna cost?  Thank goodness the new deductible year had not started!

Yeah, that’s hot.


Bridgette said...

No, thats not bad. I am thinking about taking mine down tomorrow.

Laura said...

Good grief! I never knew your hands could actually go NUMB from carpul tundrel or whatever it's called!

As for the Chipmunk movie, I think we're doing that today or tomorrow. Heaven help me! I'm not about Chipmunks. Ha!

Jodee Leader said...

I took down my holiday stuff yesterday too! I can't handle the Christmas clutter for very long. Less is more! However, I did put the Valentine's Day stuff up (only because I had the extra time to do so)!

I had carpal tunnel after my pregnancies and I own an ugly brace too! Good luck!

jill said...

got my decorations down sunday too! i get so sad putting it all up ... but the clean house is nice too. :) glad to hear your ekg checked out okay! your poor wrists though ... hope you feel better soon, friend.