Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites


Hello Friday! I'm linking up with AndreaNarci and Erika! Join in!

One - Thankfully AT&T finally came through and this beauty arrived at my house this week! I had been dealing with my shattered screen iPhone 5 and it was getting old. 

Two - I'm pulling my hair out picking out paint samples for #harrisonwhitfarmhouse. I've now purchased 13 different grays. I think I have narrowed it down to 2 but I'm going to get a couple more lighter than what we have here. Right now the foyer looks like this:

Do you have a gray that you love? Please share! Right now we are aiming towards Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray. 

Three - My new running shoes came in this week. I hate them. I'll be sending these back. Are you a Mizuno fan? I think they are too narrow for me.

Four - Last weekend we kicked off Honey's oldest son's birthday weekend with AYCE sushi at Sushi Junai in Austin. FABULOUS! Gorgeous night and view of the Capital. 

Five - This girl is doing SO awesome at cheer! This is her first year to do All-Star Cheer and I am super proud of her! She has her back tuck mostly down and is now working on a full layout. #cheermom


Renae said...

HAPPY FRIDAY-how exciting about your little cheerleader!!

Queen In Between said...

I seriously think that is the gray I used in our bedroom..if not it's really close. I love it because it works with gray and brown tones. Sorry your Mizunos didn't work out...they are my very favorite running shoe! Crazy how all our feet are so different...if you are near a running store I suggest going and having them fit you based on your foot profile. :)