Thursday, October 23, 2014

Project Time - Dining Chairs

Oh I've been a terrible blogger! Time to get caught up!!

Honey and I have been on the Craigslist hunt to find to end chairs for our dining table. We've ran across plenty of wingback chairs but none that really grabbed us.

A couple of week ago, we stumbled across these beauties:

We liked the straight legs and the tall backs. The were listed for $400 for the pair and retail at $400 each. We ended up getting the pair for $320.

Getting the chairs was the easy part. Picking the fabric - oh boy!

We had been looking online and found a fantastic shop that does custom wingbacks, but sadly, they were out of our budget at $1200 per chair. I love the concept none the less.

We loved the custom, one of a kind look of these chairs with their multiple fabrics. So once we had the chairs in our possession, we started the search for fabrics. This was exhausting and I'm sure some of my friends on Insta thought I was nuts as well as I showed some fabric combos.

The gray floral you see in several pictures is our drapery fabric in the same room, so the chairs need to work well with it.

In the end, we settled on these:

They are at the shop now being worked on. Can't wait to see them! Cost to recover $630 for both. So total investment of $950 for 2 original-design chairs!

Have you found any CL treasures lately?

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Stacey said...

The mixed fabric look is one of my favorites. I'm sure they will turn out great. We've reupholstered good furniture several times and it's worth the money to get just what you want.