Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I am a terrible blogger!

Hi everyone, so sorry I have been absent.  Sometimes I think my blogging is like my working out – difficult for me to stick with!  But none the less, I am back!  Of course nothing very exciting to report but let’s see…..

  • thanks for all the comments on the Chuck E Cheese Party – I have to make the reservations today (insert my sad face).  Gotta get the goody bags going and all the other stuff to make it as cute as can be
  • Halloween costumes are all set – Sofia is a Genie and a lion (depending on where we are going)
  • Roll Tide
  • Arizona fall still = 90+ degrees – I mean how am I supposed to take cute fall pumpkin patch pictures with Sofia sweating and being blinded by the sun?
  • Today while running (or walking) on the treadmill I watched VH1 – I never watch VH1.  I learned that Pearl Jam has a new album out.  WOW talk about taking me back to the good ole days of high school….oh the memories
  • I have officially sworn off eBay
  • I have also completed by Etsy Fall shopping for Sofia and got such CUTE things I highly recommend it over eBay any day!
  • Thanks to QVC most of birthday and Christmas shopping is completed.  LOVE easy pay!
  • I am so busy with Sofia’s Fall stuff there is not even a weekend that I could schedule Sofia to get 6 year pictures taken…ugh
  • I let Sofia (for the first time EVER) pick out what dress she wanted to wear for Christmas (see below)


She picked the dress and shoes.

  • Lilly is a wild maniac dog that now weighs 50lbs!  She also enjoys destroying things (read she bit a hole in the shirt of a brand new Etsy outfit)—I was able to fix it.
  • I really can not believe that my baby is about to be 6 years old.
  • Oh and Sofia has had a substitute teacher all but 2 weeks of the school year (that started 8/10).  Yesterday she was back (she has been sick – some sort of stomach thing) and today --- out again.  The principal said they were looking at a permanent solution to her.  YES – that makes me happy actually.  I love the long-term sub they have had I just wish the kids would know for sure it was either Miss H (the sub) or a whole new teacher.
  • I am off work today and going to surprise Sofia at lunch and bring her home after lunch – today is early release day.  Do you guys have early release day?  Every Wednesday kids get out of school at 12:30. 

Bye for now and I pinky swear to be back to my regularly blogging self!


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I saw the new Pearl Jam CD at Target Sunday. I had a friend who named his dog Vedder (after the lead singer). I started to buy it, but then I remembered I really only listen to country or old school now. And I knew they wouldn't be the same.

Laura said...

Loved the catch-up post! Loved the Christmas dress. We don't have early release days at Alise's school (private) and neither do our public schools. Lucky kids! Can't wait to see all the party pics...I'm still seeing last year's in my head!

jill said...

love the dress. glad they're getting a new teacher...that's insane. and so is your weather?!? AND i'm moving to arizona. i NEED an early release day. in a bad, bad way, friend. and then we can kill scorpions and drink margaritas together. yay!!!! ha!

InsLady said...

You're not a terrible blogger. I am!!! I have been soooo lazy lately and just caught with everything else in LIFE! St. Ann's Friday tradition is to dismiss at 2:00. It's not a half-day, but I still look forward to it. If I ever visit AZ, I want to drink margaritas in the afternoon too. :)