Thursday, October 1, 2009

Her greatest creation!

Sofia has been working on her “cotton candy” blanket at church during her Wednesday night program.  She was so excited to finish it yesterday and get to bring it home!

fall 004

fall 003


This sweet picture I took this morning as Sofia was sleeping soundly in my bed.  She gets in bed about an hour later than normal on Wednesday nights so I let her sleep in 45 minutes!

fall 009

she takes her pjs off every night and sleeps in just her underwear!  It all started when she never wanted to be swaddled!


jill said...

she really is the neatest kid i've ever seen. i hope sophie is JUST like her when she gets that big!!!!

Laura said...

That blanket looks JUST LIKE cotton candy! I may be having second thoughts about taking Alise to the fair this weekend!

carolinagirl said...

she is so smart. that blanket looks fabulous. i know she is proud.