Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall…when will you find me?

Well in Arizona it seems no matter how much Halloween candy, decor or costumes you buy or look at, it doesn’t change the weather.  The mornings are nice now, but still 100 degrees (at least) each day.  I don’t know about you, but when I think pumpkins I think cool temps!

Besides Halloween when I am yelling (or cheering) for my favorite teams (SEC of course) on Saturdays, I sort of wish I could wear a sweatshirt.  I mean there are some things that just NEED cool temps.  I am a jeans, boots and sweater-wearing kind of gal.  Waiting till November to start wearing sweaters just is not good!!!

However, since it is Fall I felt like I did need to purchase these today:



In other news…Dancing with the Stars.  Who is your favorite this season?  I don’t think I have one yet.  No one on there this season as HOT as Gilles. 

On the Biggest Loser tonight I wanted to reach into the tv and choke that purple team girl!  

Well I am just random today so goodnight everyone!


amywelborn said...

I want some candy now!! fun post!

Sarah said...

Thanks so much for stopping by our blog! Your little girl is precious!! I'm a big DWTS fan and I don't know that I'm too crazy about any one start this season! If I had to pick now, I think I'd want Mya to win!!