Monday, January 13, 2014

iPhone Picture Dump

I spent plenty of time at OTF this week and I'm getting stronger thanks to less carbs!

 #TBT was Sofia waiting for her first ballet class when she was 5 maybe?
 I learned a use a whole lot of baggies with my lunch and snacks
 I never thought I'd be searching all over Whole Foods for Ghee...
 ...or Kelp noodles.
 I got myself some new Brooks light weight runners for the treadmill workouts at Orange Theory Fitness.
 I did the final pantry clean-out before Whole30 started.
 I dusted off the heart rate monitor to do a comparison between the running app I use on my phone (Nike) and the actual results from the heart rate monitor. Good news! The app was only off by 30 calories and dead on for everything else!
And then I saw this and it motivated me!

Have a great week y'all!

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Maggie Elizabeth said...

Love catching up on your blog! ;-)
You need to start instagramming!! Such fun!! Have a great week!