Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Random iPhone Dump - Vacation here we come!

 Sofia and I ready to get splattered at Blue Man Group in Orlando
 Honey and I waiting for the show to begin.
 This is the face I make when I'm tired of waiting for our rain-delayed dolphin swim at Discovery Cove.
 This little cutie was helping me get our luggage.
 Rocking the headphones on our Jet Blue flight!
 This crazy crew headed to the airport.
 Oh yeah - this is how vacations start!
 Sparkly Princess-inspired vacation nails!
 Did I mention I'm officially a Texan now?

 Oh yeah, we added to kitties to the family. Meet Bama (top) and Husker (bottom). PS - they hate us.
Oh and the fire department had to come to the lot because we burned leaves!! lol

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