Saturday, October 4, 2008

It starts with this

Can you guess what this is going to become????


Laura said...

OMG!!! I am so jealous!!! I bet I know what it is going to be!! Please make Alise one, too, with your scraps!! Ha, ha!

Oh, wait! Let me guess! Where did the dress come from? A garage sale? GW? Or somebody's yard that had a sign that said "Free"? Can you hear the bitterness?

Bama Girl in AZ said...

Well, it actually came from my dear friend Elizabeth's closet in GA. Last year when I visited, we did a major closet overahaul and I was slightly shocked to see something so "pretty" still hanging in her closet. So we had it in her GW pile and Sofia came in and said--is that a mermaid dress? So E and I looked at each other and decided I must keep it so that is the story of the dress! The skirt is mostly completed.