Saturday, October 25, 2008

Same Saturday Stuff...Soccer

Soccer was great, except the other team 3 boys and one girl and the boys played almost the whole game and they were rough. Sofia hung in there pretty well though. They were certainly not playing nice with the girls though. After soccer, Sofia's best friend from school, Logan came over for a couple of hours. Sofia is napping now as she is pooped! I am going back and forth between birthday party prep and listing items on ebay. We gave party invites out at school yesterday and soccer today and so far we have already gotten about 7-8 kids coming. No one has said no yet. I am really excited because Sofia has never had a BIG birthday party with friends, etc. She is getting really excited. Here are a few shots from soccer. I have to post pictures of her party invites later.

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Laura said...

Sofia looks like she is having a blast with soccer! I can't wait until next year, when we can try this "athletic thing" with Alise.

Can't wait to see the birthday party stuff!