Sunday, October 26, 2008

Zoo Fun

Today was a fun day. The zoo was really crowded though, it is the annual Boo at the Zoo celebration. They had a mascot parade and Sofia was excited to see Roxie from Shamrock Farms (the dairy we visited here). We walked around and saw the sting rays, giraffes, elephants, etc. They have a great Farm area at the zoo and today they had a parade of horses, so it was a great day!

Here she is in an an egg of some sort.

Sofia loved this huge clydesdale, Magic.

Riding the tractor. I am going to do a photo comparison in another post.

We measured to see how any hands tall she is -- almost as tall as a burro!

My favorite, the giraffe!

Roxie the Cow from Shamrock Farms in the Mascot parade.

How cute is this prairie dog? Sofia said she wanted to take one home with her!
With one of the many stinky goats!!

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Elina said...

Thanks for sharing those wonderful moments from your trip to zoo.