Sunday, December 14, 2008

Now you see you don't

So I finally have pictures of my Christmas tree (you know the one that kept falling over and I had to have my father-in-law stand it up for me after I shoved it out the back door). So this year I have had about 8 ornaments broken because of this tree--when I first put it up it was leaning so that caused breakage and since then, the branches are just weak so things keep falling off. So this morning I was just done. I saw when I came downstairs today, that another ornament was lying shattered on the floor. That was it! I proceeded to undecorate the tree and drag it back outside to the patio--where it will stay until the day I can put in the trash for the recycle truck. I packed up most of my ornaments that were on the tree and added some to the garland over my dining room table. Santa will just have to use Sofia's small tree upstairs this year. So note to self...NEVER get the crazy idea that a real tree will be fun!!!!! After this experience, I am not even going to feel sorry for all those left over trees on the Christmas Tree lots after Christmas--serves em right for having such weak branches!!!


Laura said...

Dare I say that I detect a little "bah - humbug" in your post?

Bama Girl in AZ said...

No, not at all!!!!!!!