Saturday, December 6, 2008

Random Saturday Thoughts

Sofia and Caroline on the beach. Sofia loves to be with Caroline. While we were on vacation with the Jenkins family, Caroline allowed Sofia to play with / sleep with one of her stuffed animals, a penguin. Every night, the penguin was who Sofia picked to snuggle with--not the 2 nighttime requirements (Squishy Bear and Chocolate Bear) we had brought with us. Needless to say, she still asks about the Penguin. In this pic, we had been taking portraits of the Jenkins on the Beach and I knew I wanted to capture a special picture of Sofia with Caroline. This picture is now in Sofia's room on her photo board.

So, the Christmas tree is up and decorated (I'll post pics tomorrow) and I decided I either have too many ornaments or I am going to have to start having 2 trees each year--well 3 if you count Sofia's. Today I made yummy chicken pot pie (inspired by Elizabeth). Mine was almost as good as the one she made while I was visiting. So on one of my random outings I found myself a tan bathrobe that is long and really soft chenille. I am planning to live in it this winter. I am wearing it as I type this. It is so soft, Sofia says she wants one to sleep in too!

My Chirstmas cards are done and I gotta say, I took the easy way out this year--Walgreens photo cards. I created them on Friday afternoon and an hour later and $16 and I had them! I have been working on addressin them this afternoon, trying to get a head start. Thank you Elizabeth for taking some of the pics I used. This will be first for me--a Christmas card with my picture in it as well as Sofia's. I wish I had not gained back some of the weight I had worked so hard to lose over the past year, but oh well, time to get rededicated to working out!

Just wanted to share a few more photos of Sofia from our trip.

Posing for the camera in Demoplis, Al.

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Laura said...

Wow! This is a long post for you!! I was surprised!!

I'm still in mourning.