Thursday, January 15, 2009

These are a few of my favorite "C" things.....

Laura was kind enough to let me play along with this letter game, so I am challenged to name 10 of my favorite things that begin with "C" in the order that they come to me:

Coke well technically diet COKE so really I am cheating here! Just one a day, in a can, from the can and very cold!

Crayons and of my favorite things to do with Sofia, love the smell, love to make a dark outline by pushing down hard with the crayon and then filling in with the same color only lighter.

well......the Crimson Tide!!! My newly found state pride and love of the home team!!!

Crafts...scrapbooking, decorating, painting, sewing, love them!

Costumes--love them for Halloween, love them for any theme party, I love theme parties with costumes!

Caroline Jenkins--my dear friend E's daughter who is so super sweet to Sofia when we visit and is such a beautiful young lady!!!

Country living - no not the magazine--but how I wish I lived -- in the middle of no where with no neighbor for 50 miles!

Cowboys - I mean real hard working, Wrangler wearing, hat wearing, boot wearing COWBOYS and yes the would live with me in the Country!

Couch - where I can lay and watch tons of Reality Shows! Couch is very important because I can put pretty pillows on it and set the tone of a room but mostly lay on it and watch TV!

Chinese Food - LOVE it! Pei Wei, PF Changs, Panda Express, now some of those really might be Japanese, but I call it Chinese!

What Fun! Anyone else want a challenge? Just let me know and I will send you your challenge letter! Thanks Laura for letting me play!

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Laura said...

Oh! I love this post! I didn't realize how much we had in common!! That is, except for the cowboy part! Ha, ha! Not big on the hat and boot wearing! But coloring? OMGosh! That's the EXACT same way I color!! (And it pisses me off when Alise takes over my page and messes all my pretty outlining and coloring up!!)